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Press Release for our 2015 Winter Conference held in Flims from 1st-3rd Feb, 2015.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

February 16th 2015, Vevey – The Swiss HLG, a not-for-profit association of senior healthcare business development and licensing professionals ’s  21st Winter Conference took place in the charming Hotel Waldhaus in Flims from February 1-3, 2015. The conference topic was Diversification vs Focus Within the Healthcare Industry: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities.

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Dear Members and Colleagues,

On June 11th, the Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group held its annual Summer Event.  This year, we tried out a new format, and organized a mini-conference, which took place in the Novartis Learning Center in Basel.

We selected as the theme “Trends in intellectual property …. Threat or opportunity for your next licensing deal?”  The speakers were senior industry experts in intellectual property who gave stimulating and thought-provoking presentations on this complex and important topic.

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Dear Members & Colleagues,
Forging New Alliances Across Healthcare Sectors
2 – 4 February 2014
Hotel Waldhaus, Flims, Switzerland

The pharma industry isn’t just about pharmaceuticals anymore.  Today, pharma business developers count among their colleagues people from other sectors of the healthcare industry, including medical technologies such as diagnostics and devices, and medical nutrition.  Our deal sheets probably reflect this shift to “holistic” healthcare as well; deals combining tracking technology with oral drugs, supportive medical food with pharmaceuticals to enhance nutritional or medical benefits and companion diagnostics to improve the efficacy of treatments in the individual.

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Swiss PLG Academy: Sharing the Expertise

June 8th 2012, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Hotel Starling & Rolex Learning Center (EPFL), Lausanne

  • Are you concerned about Business Development and Licensing in the healthcare and medical environment?
  • Are you interested in learning and sharing expertise and experience with your current and/or future colleagues?

Join the “Swiss PLG Academy: Sharing the Expertise” on June 8th, 2012 to achieve these objectives!

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