Winter Conference 2010

The Swiss-Pharma Licensing Group (Swiss PLG) held its 12th conference, the Swiss-PLG Winter Conference 2010  on January 17-19th in Flims, Switzerland, on the topic ‘Competitive Symbiosis: Business Development and Finance “Pharmaceutical Partnering, Licensing and Finance Options before, during and after the Financial Crisis”.

This well-known event attracted 90 business developers from Switzerland and Europe who had a chance to learn, meet and renew ties with their peers in an exceptional location and ambiance, which included sports and Swiss style hospitality.

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The Swiss-Pharma Licensing Group (- Swiss PLG) held its 11th conference, the Swiss-PLG Winter Conference 2009 on January 18th-20th in Flims, Switzerland, where the focus was ‘Business Development in Emerging Markets’ , including Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea and Turkey known as the ‘BRICKT’ countries.

This event, well known to insiders as a favourite business development conference balancing work with ample networking opportunities in an exceptional location in the mountains was attended by over 100 business developers from all over the world, who had a chance to learn, debate, meet and renew ties with their peers.

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