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In a Nutshell

  • Focused and effective networking with peers
  • Opportunity to contribute to PLG/HLG events, the Start-up Initiative & the development of Good Partnering Practices (GPP)
  • Education among peers and dissemination of GPPs
  • Special rates and discounts to Swiss HLG & PLG/HLG joint events
  • Increased visibility of your organization

Subsidized Access to ConferencesSubsidized Access to Conferences - Swiss HLG

  • Benefit from special rates and discounts which are of greater value than the annual membership fee (480 CHF):
  • Special rates for our Winter and Summer conferences.
  • Special rates for our Winter and Summer conferences.
  • Special rates for attending the International & European PLG conferences.
  • Special members-only events during International and European PLG events.
  • For organizations, we offer a membership that includes an unlimited number of individual representative members, in return for the annual membership fee. The individual representative members receive all the benefits described above.
  • To become a member, please visit “become a member.”

Environment Facilitating Deal Making

Environment Facilitating Deal Making - Swiss HLGBenefit from an inspiring environment that facilitates deal-making and networking.

  • We offer to our members:
    • Personal introduction to Swiss HLG by a board member.
    • Networking with fellow members at conferences and other networking events.
    • More than networking, with our business development best practice sharing initiatives such as:
      • Good Partnering Practices Initiative, which is a set of professional and structured principles to facilitate partnering and to provide a best practice framework in BD&L.
      • Our Start-up Initiative, which aims at making available a proven set of business development tools to emerging companies.
      • Educational Webinars

To learn more, please visit CONFERENCES and BD initiatives.

Be Part of a Unique Professional Network

Be Part of a Unique Professional Network - Swiss HLGGet access to the unique professional network for business development and licensing managers:

  • Swiss HLG currently has about 170 members (83% Swiss-based, others from Germany, France, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, USA and South Korea).  They represent more than 60 pharmaceutical, device or food industry companies, in addition to venture capital, consultants, service organizations, and academia representatives.
  • We have delivered 27 industry conferences, have an excellent national and international reputation for quality, and we offer great opportunities for networking, education, and business development.
  • BD&L journal with the unique opportunity to reach out to the BD community worldwide. You will have the opportunity to contribute to articles or to advertise for your company.
  • Participation in a network of 10 healthcare licensing groups located all over Europe, Canada and Japan.
  • Full access to formal/informal networking & practice sharing opportunities organized by Swiss HLG.
  • Access to our member list which is not available to non-members.
  • Get our Newsletters.
  • When conditions are met, you have the priority opportunity to speak or facilitate at our events.
  • Learn more about Swiss HLG.

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