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On the 24th of August 2001, a group of business and licensing executives united in Basel and founded the Swiss Pharma Licensing Group.  The first Board defined objectives recruited members and set up the foundation for today’s association.


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‘Building relationships for a better healthcare environment’

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Swiss HLG is open to the international healthcare and life sciences industries and provides the richest possible environment for business development professionals to network, build strategic relationships, exchange ideas and to share experiences.

To reflect our broad healthcare and life science industry mission and membership, the members voted at the General Assembly in January 2013, to change the name from “Swiss Pharma Licensing Group” to ‘Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group.’

The current Board is proud of the Association’s development and success. Swiss HLG currently has about 180 active members (83% Swiss based others from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, USA, and South Korea). We have delivered 33 industry conferences, have an excellent national and international reputation for quality and we offer great opportunities for networking, education, and business development.


XVI IPLS Brighton

Bright Here, Right Now

Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 September 2022


Swiss HLG Jubilee Conference
8th – 10th May 2022
20 years of Swiss HLG!

CEO, Medtech, Switzerland

« Swiss HLG is an excellent platform to stay on top of developments in healthcare and to exchange ideas and views with other healthcare professionals »

– CEO, Medtech, Switzerland

Participant at Winter Conference 2016

« The speakers and presentations at the conference were both inspiring and thought provoking. [...] The conference was a great success and the venue was spectacular – both open and intimate at the same time. »

– Participant at Winter Conference 2016

President, Pharma Consultancy, USA

« I was heartened by the large number of thoughtful questions raised after the talk. We hope that you take great pride in having organized such an impressive meeting. »

– President, Pharma Consultancy, USA

General Manager, Pharma, Switzerland

« Vielen Dank nochmals für die Organisation der wirklich super-interessanten Konferenz! Es waren drei intensive, lehrreiche und nützliche Tage. »

– General Manager, Pharma, Switzerland

Vice President Business Development

« Swiss HLG is the most dynamic and innovative Licensing Group in Europe, the one that explores beyond the traditional glass ceiling we all face at some point in our Industry. Also, it benefits from German, French, Italian and Eastern Europe influences, which is a unique combination and a breath of fresh air. »

– Vice President Business Development, Pharma, France

Partner, Law Firm, Switzerland

« Swiss HLG is the most dynamic and innovative Licensing Group in Europe, the one that explores beyond the traditional glass ceiling we all face at some point in our Industry. »

– Partner, Law Firm, Switzerland

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