Sarah Holland

PresidentJubilee Conference Co-Director and HLG/IPLS External Relations


Jean-Marc Séquier

Vice president and Supporter Relations

Novartis Pharma AG

Christoph Daniel Maier


Fromer, Advokatur und Notariat

Laurence de Schoulepnikoff

Treasurer, Jubilee Conference Co-Director and Good Partnering Practices

OSE Immunotherapeutics

Gabrielle Gache

HLG/IPLS Relations, Communications/Social media


Chris Isler

Swiss HLG membership expansion

Swiss HLG

Francesca Lianza

Special Projects and Start-up initiative


Christoph Sarry

Special Projects

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Zaki Sellam

Swiss HLG Start-up initiative

Avicenna Oncology GmbH

Luis Vieira

Digital Initiative

Helsinn Healthcare SA

Ragip Ziyal

Special Projects

Tillotts Pharma AG

Odelle Madsen

Assistant to the Board & Marketing and Communications

Swiss HLG