2016-09-06Swiss HLG, in collaboration with Inartis, Agire and CP Start-up, are excited to present their joint Start-up conference, to be held on the 24th of November, 2016 in Lugano, Ticino.

The venue for the conference is the LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura), the new home of the Lugano Theatre, Opera and Museum, situated right on Lugano Lake.

During this day conference, we’ll discuss and explore opportunities in Ticino for Start-ups, Life Science and Business.

Topics will include:

  • Life Science as a key sector in Ticino
  • Swiss HLG: An open door to Licensing and Networking in the healthcare arena
  • CTI’s National Thematic Networks to support Innovation
  • Prima Lab case study Financing a start-up in Ticino Emerging company perspectives for start-ups
  • Big Pharma / corporate VC perspective for start-ups

A workshop will also be held to explore “Partnering and creating value without dilution.”

Registration details and the full programme will be available soon.  Stay tuned!