Swiss HLG - IHLG Lugano 2015

Press release for the 2015 Summer Conference: Joint Swiss-Italian HLG conference held in Lugano on 7-8 May 2015

Basel, May 18th 2015 –  This year, the Swiss and Italian Health Licensing Groups joined forces to organize their summer conference. The conference focus was on “Crossing National and Cultural borders within the Healthcare Industry”. Although this seems to be a given for all health licensing professionals in today globalized economy, the mirror presentations by speakers from both organizing countries helped to stress the existing differences and ways to bridge them and achieve mutual enrichment from this diversity.

The Teamwork between the Italian (Giorgio Amadori and Bruno Finazzi) and Swiss (Ivan Csendes, Rachid Benhamza and Maurice Zultak) members of the organizing Committee was a perfect illustration of a successful cross-border cooperation and Lugano, in the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino, proved to be the ideal location. More than 70 attendees, coming from 6 countries on 4 continents had ample opportunities to meet and interact, on the lakeside, as well as on the lake as a lively and enjoyable on-board dinner showed once again that we are all on the same boat.

To set the stage, Bruno Henggi, Head of Public Affairs at Interpharma, introduced the Swiss Health system with its balance between federal and cantonal responsibilities, the respective role of public and private funding in research and the challenges to maintain its position in the Healthcare Industry world. In counterpart, Luca Pinto, Senior Manager at KPMG advisory, introduced the ongoing changes in the Italian Health care system, as well as the specific strengths and opportunities within its industry, in particular on the production side.

The role and challenges of the Health Science entrepreneur were addressed by Domenico Alexakis, CEO of Swiss Biotechnology Association who also introduced the various sources of funding and support available at the national and local levels. These considerations were illustrated by 2 successful serial Health Science entrepreneurs: Lorenzo Leoni, presently president of the AGIRE foundation in Ticino, drew from his personal experience at Salmedix and Telormedix the differences between USA and Europe for starting-up biotechnologies as well as the opportunities offered by the Med-Tech industry. Lorenzo Pradella, presently CEO of GREENBONE-Ortho, presented an update of the Italian Biotech landscape and introduced his company developing a wood-derived bone implant technology.

The next stages in the evolution of Health Science enterprise were illustrated by 2 lively presentations. Raffaele Petrone introduced the successful diversification of his family group, based in Naples and providing a large variety of services to its Health care clients, as well as the values needed to keep the momentum across generations. In counterpart, Rudolf Hanko, CEO of Siegfried AG, walked us through the progressive transition of his contract manufacturing company from a family-owned and managed to a public company with the concomitant realignment of strategy and focus.

The last two presentations addressed general topics of interest for all Health Licensing professionals. Patrik Frei, founder and CEO of Venture Valuation, presented the latest developments in deal making and explained how precise value calculation can pave the way to creative agreements. To close the conference, Monika Naef, partner in the law firm Dufour Advokatur shared her knowledge as a Certified Global Negotiator and introduced the known parameters which characterize the various global cultures and the finesses to make them work together.

This second joint Italian-Swiss HLG joint conference was a clear success, which reinforced the participants’ readiness to tackle cultural and organizational diversity and enabled them to make new contacts. The Swiss HLG Board thanks the presenters and the participants for the lively discussion and interaction.

We look forward to seeing you again at our next winter event.

Yours sincerely,
Gabrielle Gache
President Swiss HLG

Summer Conference 2015 press release

Pictures of the Summer Event 2015

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