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For many years, Swiss HLG has been demonstrating their commitment to the Swiss-based, start-up and young professional/academic community.  Our first targeted events for this group were delivered in 2012/2013, in Lausanne and Geneva.  The success of these events only cemented our drive to continue in this direction.

At Swiss HLG, we know that one of the key success factors for the start-up community is to understand the mechanisms of business development and licensing (BD&L).  In order to facilitate such success, we have set up a constituted team, dedicated to developing our new ‘Start-up Initiative’ across Switzerland.

Leveraging our collaborations with Swiss academic institutions and regional healthcare start-up associations in the Basel, Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich areas, we will be able to offer regular workshops and seminars, on a diverse range of BD&L topics. These will include topics such as financial valuation, outsourcing, and alliance management.

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