Dear Members & Colleagues,
Forging New Alliances Across Healthcare Sectors
2 – 4 February 2014
Hotel Waldhaus, Flims, Switzerland

The pharma industry isn’t just about pharmaceuticals anymore.  Today, pharma business developers count among their colleagues people from other sectors of the healthcare industry, including medical technologies such as diagnostics and devices, and medical nutrition.  Our deal sheets probably reflect this shift to “holistic” healthcare as well; deals combining tracking technology with oral drugs, supportive medical food with pharmaceuticals to enhance nutritional or medical benefits and companion diagnostics to improve the efficacy of treatments in the individual.

The Swiss HLG recognized this important change in the way we developers do business, and in 2013 we changed our name from the Swiss Pharma Licensing Group to the Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group.  Long-term members know that we always have been open to all sectors of the healthcare and life sciences industries, but we changed our name to raise awareness of our diverse and inclusive membership and to enhance our platform for cross-sector networking, deal making and exchanges of know-how and best practices.

Our 2014 annual Winter conference explored different, and in some cases less well known sectors of our industry and the opportunities for making deals – or forging alliances – among them:

  • The holistic and personal approach to medicine, combining pharma, nutrition, diagnostics and other technologies to improve the performance of drugs and devices; and
  • New interests in healthcare, such as using existing technologies and products from outside of the healthcare industry to provide new medical or nutritional benefits.

For more information on the conference program, please click here.

For information on becoming a member of the Swiss HLG, and the benefits, please visit our website www.swisshlg.com.

Come join us!

Kim Bill
Swiss HLG President
Jennifer Brenner
Co-Program Director
Jean Marc Sequier
Co-Program Director

February 2014