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Swiss HLG and Biopôle are excited to present a Swiss HLG’s online workshop collaboration.


In this interactive 2,5 hour session you will learn everything about the basics of negotiations skills in a structured and very interactive way.

The focus of this session is to understand and partially practice the strategic and communicative skills needed to negotiate successfully across cultural and national boundaries with the main focus on :
• controlling the negotiating process through the use of listening and questioning skills
• adapting behaviour through the various phases of a negotiation
• training bargaining and closing techniques
• countering negotiating tactics and tricks
The speech will be complemented by examples, best and worst practices, exercises and checklists.

René Groeneveld is Dutch but born and raised in Germany. After school he did a commercial trainee program at Bayer AG in Germany. During this time he mainly worked in global marketing/product management, sales, controlling/budgeting and finance.
Parallel to his trainee program and especially after leaving his previous employer he studied business administration at the University of Cologne (focus on finance, controlling, taxes), law at the University of Düsseldorf (focus on labour and business law) and psychology at the University of Hagen (focus on organizational, occupational and motivational psychology). He then taught at the University of Cologne and the German Sports University of Cologne (DSHS) for more than four years.
In 1995 he founded MTAC as an international training and consulting company which joined the BTS group in 2017.
René is head of GSA and the global marketing practice at BTS and president of the international consulting company Groeneveld & Partner AG.

Date: Thursday 7.05.2020      4.00pm – 6.30pm

Online Registration  

Swiss HLG is happy to introduce the first video of the SCENIC series of the Good Partnering Practice (GPP) initiative: Scouting and Prospecting to support the Business Development professionals during their partnering activities.

Part 1 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Scouting and Prospecting”

Part 2 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Evaluation and Due Dilligence

Part 3 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Negotiation and Execution”

Part 4 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Integration and Alliance Management” 

Part 5 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Conflict Resolution and Termination”

Biotech funding: the people view 

Join us in this unique business development workshop series co-organized by the Swiss Biotech and BaseLaunch. Leading industry experts will cover a wide range of topics relevant for emerging biotech’s.

Program: A critical success factor in any life sciences investment is the management team. The sourcing, development and retention of experienced talent
has a direct impact on technology development and investor returns. This workshop will address both the ideal skills required by early-stage biotech’s and the corresponding timing of talent acquisition as well as the key challenges especially around series A financing, with a focus on investor expectations regarding the management team.

Workshop leader: Francois Martin, Francois C. Martin LLC
We welcome founders, entrepreneurs, business & corporate development professionals as well as other participants with an entrepreneurial spirit to join the workshops.
The workshops are free of charge, yet registration, along with a potential short project description, is mandatory. Priority will be given to people with tangible projects in mind.

Register here
October 31, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Gewerbestrasse 24, Allschwil, Switzerland

Partnering transactions: from term sheet to due diligence

Join us in this unique business development workshop series co-organized by BaseLaunch and Basel Area. Leading industry experts will cover a wide range of topics relevant for emerging biotechs.


When: 07.11.2019, 15:00 – 18:30
Where: Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, Room Vision, Gewerbestrasse 24, 4123 Allschwil

Workshop leader: Matthias Staehelin and Christian Wyss, Vischer

The workshop illustrates the mechanics of term sheets for partnering transactions and explains how they are different from term sheets for equity financings. How does the timing of your research collaboration affect your next financing round and vice versa? What are the different forms of exclusivity and how do they affect your company going forward? You get the tools to navigate the thin line between enticing potential partners and giving access to your technology under value. The workshop further provides hands-on advice on how to prepare for due diligence and how to meet expectations of industry partners and investors without losing sight of negotiation strategy, intellectual property issues or confidentiality and privacy concerns.

The workshops are free of charge, yet registration, along with a potential short project description, is mandatory. Priority will be given to people with tangible projects in mind.
Please register here.

Upcoming Workshops

21.11.2019 Taxation of founders, employees, advisors and investors      
Workshop leader: Nadia Tarolli, Vischer

28.11.2019 Negotiation   
Workshop leader: R. Groeneveld, Groeneveld & Partner

05.12.2019 Raising money from family and friends   
Workshop leader: Matthias Staehelin, Vischer

 The workshops are free of charge but registration, along with a potential short project description, is necessary. Priority is given to people with tangible projects in mind.


Swiss HLG and Biopôle are excited to present the Swiss HLG’s start-up workshops collaboration on the 11.06.2019 at 2.45 pm.



  • What expectations do you have, as a startup, of how alliances will change the fate of your company?
  • What experience have you gained regarding alliances; did they fulfill the partners’ business interest?
  • Will you let yourself gain clarity about the difference between an “alliance” and a “deal”?


Develop an understanding of how your partners may approach implementation post-signing. Plan your Business Development strategy, consider resource needs and develop a mindset towards “implementation matters”. Challenge yourself to generate an improved implementation of collaborative, license-based alliances. Engage in a case study to develop a deeper understanding of licensing collaborations.


  • 14:45 Arrival and registration
  • 15:00 Welcome of Swiss HLG and Biopôle SA
  • 15:15 Why alliances are challenging; introducing some tools
  • 16:30 Case Study: A painful Alliance
  • 18:15 Summary: Managing Complex Alliances
  • 18:30 Networking drinks


Anthony Hörning is the Founder of Strategic Transactions Advisory AG, in Basel, Switzerland, and a Senior Advisor to Vantage Partners, Boston, USA. He is a pharmaceutical industry coach and collaborations bridge-builder with cultural and language versatility. His work with clients encompasses advising both licensors and licensees on all aspects of strategy, negotiation and alliance management.

As a leading member of Novartis Business Development & Licensing function, he was in charge of the preparation, launch and ongoing implementation, as well as of all renegotiations, of the company’s global alliances and created a widely recognized alliance skills training program. He is a trainer and speaker at international Licensing and Alliance Management conferences, and served for many years as a member of the board of the “Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals”.

Seats are limited*; first come first served!

*Members and academic neighbours of Biopôle shall have first priority. Biopôle SA reserves the right to hold registrations of external guests.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/swiss-hlg-workshop-what-happens-after-marriage-managing-complex-alliances-registration-59884562338 

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