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Swiss HLG is happy to introduce the first video of the SCENIC series of the Good Partnering Practice (GPP) initiative: Scouting and Prospecting to support the Business Development professionals during their partnering activities.

Part 1 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Scouting and Prospecting”

Part 2 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Evaluation and Due Dilligence

Part 3 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Negotiation and Execution”

Part 4 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Integration and Alliance Management”¬†

Part 5 of the SCENIC series of GPP

“Conflict Resolution and Termination”

Environment Facilitating Deal Making - Swiss HLG
The Good Partnering Practices initiative (Swiss GPP), is a set of professional and structured principles to facilitate partnering and to provide a best practice framework in BD&L.
This initiative has been created with the objective to build empathy and trust in the BD environment. We need to manage expectations, to eliminate mental and physical barriers to fruitful partnerships.
It is therefore necessary to minimize potential future disputes, create a better transparency and understanding of the partnering environment.

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